Oh my god. These are getting out of hand.

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Mattia Trotta born in 1980 in Savona, is an Italian sculptor. He expresses himself through a personal and innovative technique which requires the plastic processing steel wire, silver, bronze, aluminum. He notes:

Every line has its reason to exist, the work of art is solid; nevertheless the wind flows through it and the air integrates with the volume, connecting the sculpture with the surrounding environment

There are very few words to describe the beauty of the Mattia’s sculptures … enjoy the pictures!

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why do humans get such lame differences in appearance?? like there are a bunch of different species of dogs and turtles and birds like why couldnt’ we get cool stuff like spikes coming out of our heads or giant fangs or the ability to spray acid out of our mouths no we got different fur color

we can’t even handle having different skin tones without fucking everything up

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accidentally opening internet explorer


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it’s the year 2081. facebook is now on a chip you implant into your hand that allows you to type your status in midair. twitter can be controlled with thoughts. tumblr still has the same damn video player.

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Uh can we talk about how Animal Pragmatism is the most fucked up episode of Charmed

There was a woman in a cage, that is some American Horror Story shit going on there


that moment when castiel suddenly appears in charmed trying to translate an ancient tablet

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